Birthing of Consolidated Mycelium Cakes - Psilocybin Growth (A Continuation of Section 2 P3/4 in a Two-Blog Series)

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In awe of a new four weeks of blogging, I have adjusted the formatting slightly of these posts to make them easier on the eye.

If you are new, welcome. You can begin the wonderful journey along mushroom research, growth, and use, here:

Myself ( , well, I blog daily ( , with my photography reports here,, as well as post and stay active on both this forum, and another, #stemgeeks

I aim to help others stay motivated. To better their mental, and physical health, through means of individualistic actions seperate from that of societal norm and based entirely on personal desire for their life of true happiness.

So, with nothing left to say, we shall begin this weeks writing on...

Birthing of Consolidated Brown-Rice Flour Mycelium Cakes via Utilization of Wide-Mouth Mason Jars


This week will be short as we now direct our attention moreso to (StemGeeks) for our final week following. Please do enjoy the final week of HypnoChain blogging on this subject!


At this point, the cakes can now be birthed to a monotub or shotgun fruiting chamber, as per the aside.

Jars should look thick and feel heavy, appear white with some specks of substrate visible, and/or possibly have fuzz and bumps beginning to form.


Mason jars are to be be turned upside down upon readiness of birthing and breaking of mason seal, slapped against a solid surface, such as a sterile palm.

The cakes are then to be rinsed of loose vermiculite with room-temperature tap water, then dunked in one cold-water pot to shock the mycelium initially and remove these last layers of vermiculite, and dunked and soaked in another pot with cold water, or cold water in Ziploc bags, for 24 hours again cold-shocking the mycelium and adding moisture back to the cake, encouraging growth.

IMG_20210228_125954 (1).jpg

After soaking, the submerged cakes are then to be removed and lightly coated with vermiculite by means of sprinkling with one hand,

– ultimately acting as a layer of protection for the now consolidated mycelium to grow,

– and, further leading to, the fruiting of these birthed to the appropriate fruiting chamber!


The Environment

The following procedural methodology should be followed: see below, chamber before birth of cakes above;


And the perlite, examined previously, prepred and coliandered into the chamber;

IMG_20210228_130647 (1).jpg

  • Temperature should be maintained at 73-77 degrees Fahrenheit with 50% humidity ambient air, and 87-95% humidity chamber,

  • Airflow should be minor but consistent, and
    -- where such can be adjusted minimally with a small fan,

  • Lighting should follow an indirect 12 hour on, 12 hours off cycle.

  • Misting of the chamber shall be conducted -explained tomorrow- to raise humidity if necessary

In Conclusion

Upon following this schedule, mushroom pins can be seen within 1-2 weeks,


ranging and widely based on:

  • the environmental conditions (humidity, temperature, ambient air and flow) of the shotgun fruiting chanber (SGFC) and air surrounding,

  • the consistency, speed, and timing of wind via utilization of or not of a fan, and through the direct fanning of the chamber itself,

  • the lighting schedule, and ultimately,

  • the particular genus/strain (some may fruit and begin to showcase pins faster than others).


Further timing will be discussed tomorrow when we examine the fruiting and pinning of growing brf cakes consolidated in a SGFC!

Hopefully todays post was informative and helpful!

Further, if any relation between mental health and psilocybin interests you, you may enjoy:
... a short writing on mental health and psilocybin's effect on the mind, body and soul!

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Thanks again all for your interest!

Best regards,

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