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RE: POB outside POB #1 - The start was made

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great story, wish you a lot of success! I am doing something a bit different, but similar I guess with the Streetheart Project. I am glad we got the PoB community here as it presents much more opportunities. Wish more people on the streets could get involved with PoB and Hive, but basic access to the internet is very limited..

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What an excellent project, I will even follow you so I can vote every time, I loved the concept of withdrawing money and taking a photo of your positive vote in real life, I loved the concept, if you allow me I would even like to be able to adopt your way

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yes sure! I always thought that this would be fitting for a community in itself, but now that we have PoB I think it would fit here nicely as well. Especially since we can use the extra tokens for the projects. Re-followed you as well ;)