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This is a re-upload of my popular Documentary "Enter the Matrix" which shows the global New World Order Global Surveillance grid. This is a film depicting the New World Order's plans for the creation of a Global Society that is completely under their control. This was originally published in 2018, still accurate.

I covered many topics in this film, from Transhumanism, to Surveillance to the Internet of Things and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Gamification of Society was also discussed along with the connection between the social media and internet backbone companies and the Intelligence Agencies.

You will find all the links in the steemit show notes, the ones that YouTube let me fit in the description box I did so.

Also there will be a part B, which will include info that didn't make it into this documentary and the comments about how the surveillance state is affecting my viewers. Stuff like driverless cars, the smart cities, robots, drones and more.

Links (About half, YouTube wouldn't let them all be added, see steemit for full list): https://steemit.com/documentary/@titusfrost/enter-the-matrix-the-new-world-order-global-surveillance-documentary

Background Music Credit Mainly goes to "Vosto Vlad", you can find his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChWMAo1lTUpb1Zzcf4IUuJQ

His music is mainly from Soundcloud, listen here: https://soundcloud.com/vost0

Invisible Empire Film:

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