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RE: Showcase-Sunday - Hopefully a hint about how to try live a New Year 2020 without suffering hemispatial neglect & hemispherical blindness.

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Well I did read the written words but I am still not sure that qualifies me to completely certify myself as having meant the endeavor requested as the video you posted was blocked under copy right something or another....then even if I could have watched it it would have depended upon the length and the very vital question of if it held my attention span.


Thank you very much for the heads up @sunlit7. :)

I took note and I've already taken actions to edit the post. I hope you can now feel confident and willing to drop your well appreciated opinion on the matter if you find the effort is worth your time.

Btw, as I've promised to everyone else. In your case, I'm already following you since long time ago. Now I hope you can live with the consequences. LoL

Cheers!! :)