Radio & Drone Stuff

in #stormkeepergu3 years ago

So, it looks like I need to join the RSGB and also take an exam to be able to get an amateur radio license, which is fine. I also need to apply for a drone operator permit (costs), as well as actually being able to fly a drone as well (free) ... looks like I'll need to plan that out soon as if I'm going to be experimenting with radios and drones, I want to make sure that everything is legit at my end!

Membership of the FPV might be a good idea too, if only for the £5m of public liability insurance! Of course, as a self-respecting geek, I probably should have been signed up or at least more ready to sign up before now, but better late than never, right?


I need to get into the habit of reblogging posts that can apply to both accounts; in this instance, the radio training and license, and even the drone stiff (for photography) is actually relevant to Stormhaven Media and Diggerventures, especially as I'd want to get Stormhaven Media licensed in some capacity for drones and radio, seeing as both have useful applications throughout!