Unstaking 100,000 STEM from @stemcuration

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We have been burning all liquid curation rewards earned on the STEMGeeks team account @stemcuration since the creation of our community. Any staked rewards we have left staked on the account to curate within the community.

During this time we have earned a good amount of staked curation rewards. Today we have started a one month unstaking of 100,000 STEM tokens from our official curation account.

It takes 28 days to unstake STEM over 4 transactions. As these tokens unstake, we will make a post updating the status of these tokens.

@stemcuration is used as the official curation account for the STEMGeeks community. The account is also used to delegate to offical STEM curators. As of right now, there are two official curators outside of @stemcuration.

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will we get to here on the plans for unstaking STEM.. Are these STEM tokens also going to be the candidate for BURN? Cheers

Burn baby burn!

Definitely we need these unstaking STEM going for BURN.. OR a liquidity pool rewards/incentives would also be in a good direction as well for the STEM token price. cheers

 11 days ago 

Will be announced once they start unstaking.