Neurocomic: Comics for the brain

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Actually, in this case, it is a comic about the brain. This is something I borrowed from my daughter who has a keen interest in science.

Got to love a shiny cover.

Neurocomic has a story, but it is written as an educational guide to how our brains work. A man gets lost in his own brain and meets various scientists who have studied how it works, as well as some strange creatures who play the parts of neurons and other entities.

Inside 1

There are diagrams that I presume are biologically accurate, but they have tried to make it fun. It is all in black and white.

Inside 2

There is even a giant squid. In places it reminds me a bit of some of what @katharsisdrill draws.

It is a pretty short read, but I enjoyed it. At the end it gets a bit philosophical, but I expect that comes up a lot in any serious discussion of how what our brains do translates into how we see the world.

I think it could be a great introduction for kids to this sort of thing, but adults can get something from it too.

Happy reading.

I just realised that #proofofbrain is really appropriate to this post.


Cool, i have a few neuroscience books, i have a whole degree course in psychology from the open university i bought off ebay. Fascinating stuff. We are still only just scratching the surface though.

I'm sure we don't know it all, but there must have been great advances in the last few decades with the equipment available now. I love a bit of science.


Well we have the fMRI, but it's expensive, i'm sure there are billions, trillions spent on it though, neuroscience that is, but it is something to be very careful with, the more 'they' know the more 'we' suffer. Ha.

I spend a lot of time thinking about brain stuff - great comic!

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Looks great. I will see if I can find it in the library.

That's a brilliant idea for comic books. Fun and educational. That's great that she has an interest in stuff like this!


Cool! I have been reading the new Mr Tompkins with my older daughter and it has also been done in comic form! I will have to find more like this!

I think this sort of things can get kids interested in stuff. I have a couple of others that cover historical or other factual topics.

Great! Can you please drop a few titles so I can keep an eye out? I don't see anything in your recent posts.

I can't find the relevant posts, but I'm sure I must have written about them. Anyway, here's a couple.


Thanks! They look cool!

Very interesting. Most of my reading I do in the Kindle app on my phone these days. I wonder if they have graphic novels in their library. I wonder how hard they are to read on a smartphone. I shall have to Google that now.

I've read some comics on tablets and it can work, but it really needs to be designed for that medium. On a smaller screen you end up zooming in a lot. There are loads of comics on the Google book store.


Yeah, that is what I figured.

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Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Never has there been a more appropriate tag!

Gosh, this looks like a fun read and the illustrations are great. You are right I thought of @katharsisdrill straight away. I LOVE the cover as well, this book will look good when put away on the shelf as well, which is always a nice bonus with a good read.

My daughter loves her books. She has a big collection of Peanuts as that's a favourite. She does read a lot on Kindle these days though. She is all grown up and studying for a PhD.

It was sad to see author and illustrator Shirley Hughes died this week. We read her books to the kids and still have them.


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Wow, this book is cool and interesting.


I like the front page of the book it's really nice

What do they say about not judging a book by its cover...


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