STEMsocial Distilled #13

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Another super intense week for @lemouth, so that this 13th distilled of the best articles posted within the STEMsocial community is late. And for the same reaason, we will go straight to the point. Feel free to read and comment any of the best selected articles of last week. As usual, note that if you use our app, your comments are eligible for a small upvote.

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Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected (by @lemouth) from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

@medro-martinA First Taste of Quantum Mechanics!
@gentleshaidHyperovulation and the genetics of twins
@robotics101Introduction to 3D printing at home
@idoctorThe science of Color Blindness and its Diagnosis
@lemouthJune 17th, 2020 - a great discovery in (astro)particle physics?
@scholarisDark Matter Search Reveals Excess Signals

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Our top choices

Black Holes: A Galactic Feature Science Is Still Yet To Understand!!!

We are happy to feature physics on STEMsocial today, with this comprehensive post from @mengene on the fascinating entities called black holes. Those are among the most intriguing objects in the universe, and all details you may want to understand are presented in the post. Feel free to have a look!

The science of Color Blindness and its Diagnosis

Colour blindness is much more common than what we could naively think off. @idoctor addresses the topic in its greatest details, describing the different versions of it and the mechanics behind this disease. In addition, you can also self-test yourself in the post. Interested? Please follow the links...


As last week, here are the engagement statistics, with the progession of the top users. Interested in the origins of those numbers, please follow @lemouth-dev and be patient. The details show be posted tomorrow, hopefully.

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Wow. I feel honored to be mentioned by our peers. Thank you so much. It definitely inspires me to push forward. Also, I'm not sure why I haven't done so yet, but I read your curation guidelines for stronger support. I like how you challenge writers to produce articles for non-STEM readers.

It reminds me of a saying I was taught in the military: "If you can't explain what you know so a child understands, perhaps you are the one without understanding".

It's easy to drive yourself to perform better when there are plenty of people here to emulate. Thanks for leading by example.

I think that our guidelines are quite clear and objective enough (however, we are always open to criticisms, if constructive of course).

Note that you almost got featured among the two posts this time. The choice was really hard this week (I got four posts for two spots) and at the end, some randomness helped me to chose ^^

It reminds me of a saying I was taught in the military: "If you can't explain what you know so a child understands, perhaps you are the one without understanding".

I would even say: it is only after having taught something, that one really masters it. At least this applies to me.

The guidelines certainly are clear and straightforward. The guidelines, along with your distilled posts give good examples of what to do to generate desirable traffic.

Actually, your statement about teaching makes sense. In the military, during training a goal what to be able to learn and perform a task without understanding it and under time constraints. The goal was to demonstrate compliance with procedures and performance under duress.

Once you demonstrate performance, "mastery" came by essentially teaching yourself. I understood the logic behind it, but only after I was done with sea duty. Different organizations different standards I guess.

Greetings friends, excellent content is observed within the recommended publications, authors committed to Stemsocial, every week strive to share quality content

Cheers! And congrats for your position on our top-five list. Note that you are quite well positioned on the second list too (#11) :)

Congratulations to all authors who got into the list. Let me go and read medro's QM article. I missed it

It is a nicely put article, and really worthy! Feel free to read and enjoy it!

Yes I read it yesterday night. :)

I had not looked at the stats on engagement, this is really interesting and motivating for everyone, as the vast majority would like to be on that list. Great job @lemouth thanks

You are welcome. I have finished drafting the post with the explanations on how the scores are estimated. I still need to review it. It will therefore be posted in about 6 hours from now, as my morning is quite full already.

I already checked it and left you a comment, this is great and your work is inexhaustible, I need you to give me some of your energy to do everything hehe

A big congratulation to the authors who put up those amazing contents... stemsocial just got much better with quality contents.

Slowly, slowly it gets there! :)

Congratulation to all the creators. Such a nice step by stemsocial, keeps us motivated.

And on our side, we need motivated community members! In a few hours, you will be able to learn how the scores are computed :)

Thank you so much.

You are welcome!

Things are really getting better. It feels awesome to have a totally new author as one of the top features. Congratulations to mengene and idoctor, those two posts really deserve it.

Congratulations on another great issue, and congratulations to the featured authors. I had read two of the articles mentioned and just read @robotics101's great blog on 3D printing. That's the best part of these Distilled issues--they highlight material we might have missed.
Thank you for taking the time from you amazing schedule to keep the community informed.