Why Ecency ?...For multiple benefits.

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The day I have started the steem / hive journey, I was looking for a mobile app that can allow me to remain active and explore the platform. It was not possible to remain hooked to the platform from office laptop, due to compliance issue. Then I was introduced to @ecency mobile application. It was a boon in disguise, the mobile app was very helpful in making my survival so far. It does made my journey super easy through blogging, commenting, upvoting. If I look back my 4 years, I must thanks #ecency team for the help in making my journey so fruitful.

Time has evolved so fast and so does my journey. The mobile apps remain updated every now and then and keep there users up to date with all the development. In process the #ecency app team is also rewarding the users with the additional points system which is icing on the cake for the users. The mobile app team has the designed the point system in such a way that benefit every users.

The app team rewards its users through ecency point on the basis of its uses, like, blogging , commenting, upvoting , reblogging, or with each access. Surely this is done to keep user hooked to the application. Many users unable to understand the point system. But in actually these point can actually be used to earn reward as well by adding upvote love to your posts.

That is the magic of using the @ecency app. The point that is accumulated can be exchanged within the app either to get some upvote or to keep your content in promoted page. So that it reach to maximum users till the pay out.

On an average, a user can accumulate more than 80 points in a day. So every second day the users can manage to get a reward of $1 on their post. Which is additional benefit of using the mobile app. The points can also be shared or gifted to other member. It is important that every users understand the best use of the point system. Rather than promoting or boosting low quality or palafarused content. They should focus on investing their points on high quality article to improve the platform and support quality.

I have impressed so much over its use, and really helped myself with the accessing the platform or by utilizing the app in best use. The app has multiple advantages and one can understand only after using it completelly and whole heartedly.


Namaste @steemflow


Ecency is indeed a great and ever since I started using it, it hasn't let me down. It's easy to navigate and has some cool features. The point system is one of its kind on the Hive blockchain and users (especially new ones) could utilize it to boost their growth in the early stages before they gain traction.

That for sure..but in case you need more exposure try to engage more....the more you engage the more you benefitted.

Right. Makes sense. Thanks for the advice :)

Keep going...

Ecency is also my favorite frontend :) I am going to share this post.


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Thanks for the support...you can understand, how useful it has been

I so agree with you, steem. Just like you, I so love ecency for the same reasons. I think you have mentioned all the excellent points. It is not just an app but more of giving rewards for every interaction and provides us with the benefit of boosting our content to promote it.

Honestly, when I joined Hive, it took me a while to use my points until I read in the comment section, like “Ecency has boosted your post.” Something like this, I was wondering why a lot have been like this until I explored the boost and used it since then. I enjoyed it very much, hehe. That is why every time I post, I use my ecency points to boost. This is one of the fantastic benefits. Have a great day and take care. !PIZZA

That is why it is important to make user aware about the benefit....the point can be helpful tool to make ypu post count...but make sure it should comply with quality...else the point might backfire as well.

I also use Ecency to publish certainly for its benefits including Ecency points, but also because I find it a very straightforward platform and very easy to use. Maybe writing with PeakD or Hive.Blog gives you the opportunity to revise something better, better editing... but I'm happy with Ecency and for now I'm not going to

Honestly it is the best thing happen to me...on this journey ....just enjoy the happening time.

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eceny love hai mahara 😜

With this ecency have been more active on hive lately, but noticed sometimes points doesnt accumulate

Well there is a limit as well....like for commenting the point get reduced after each comment...just to avoid misuse....else everybody put a vague comment like...thank you, you are good, nice blog..bla bla...and get points..which does not justify...

You right tho, and another thing I've noticed again is boosting a post, my last boost is yet to take effect and the post is barely 24hrs

Wow,but can I convert mine to HP??? Have lot of them

You can not concert into HP but indirectly you can do that....just make some quality post and use your points to get upvote support from ecency points .and you will get rewards which ultimately pocketed into your wallet.


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I've only been familiar with this tool for a while, I think it's an interesting and sustainable idea in the long term

That's for sure...I already have 5 years of experince and thoroughly enjoying

That's true @steemflow...I have been using ecency for a few days now...and it has been really helpful and rewarding🥰