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RE: Protocol violations and fraud in the Pfizer/Biontech COVID-19 vaccine study!

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Yes, to prevent mild cases the vaccine demonstrated efficacy. But who needs to take the risk of this drug with a yet unexplored safety profile, just to prevent a mild flu-like diseass?
For severe cases there was no proof yet, per protocol, for efficacy. It is not scientifically sound to say "but it might work" if you don´t adhere to the analysis you have committed to initially.
And regarding the 7 days, so you would then also take only one shot, if that "seems to work as well"? Some might take one, others 2. This will create a chaos. Either the correct dose regime or nothing at all. I still prefer 0 doses, I don´t want to mess up my immune system for nothing.


Quickly forgiven, but not forgotten! I remember reading about a study mentioned in Wendy Lydall's Raising a Vaccine Free Child that deliberately took severe damage at 7 days after vaccination as being without coherence to the vaccine.

I found here through @lighteye's bi-lingual article(

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