Home (driving) Sim upgrade

in #technology2 years ago

I mentioned in my last Assetto Corsa post that I’ve upgraded my setup. That upgrade is in the form of a Playseat Challenge. This gives me a proper seat and a good base for my steering wheel and shifter.


The previous upgrade had been a move from and office chair to a camping chair. The office chair rolled back every time I hit the brakes.

It was worth the investment just for the time it saves setting up. Everything stays where it is and it folds up and can be stored against the wall. This saves me about 10 minutes evert session.


That looks cool. I am so out of touch with gaming gear. That steering wheel looks fancy. Does it feel something like driving an actual car? What do the kids think of Daddy's toys?


It has force feedback so you can sort of feel what's going on. It is still a toy setup really.

Youngest daughter loves it and spends a good while practicing. She can get around Brands Hatch at 50 - 70 mph in an automatic low powered car. She has to sit on lots of cushions.

Give her time and she'll be beating you :)

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