A little healthy competition - Assetto Corsa

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Following my previous post about an evening playing Assetto Corsa, it has all become a bit of an obsession.

Firstly for those of you that don't know, Assetto Corsa is a racing simulator which is available on PC, XBox and PS4. My initial video was made on PC but I managed to kill my graphics card. I like to thing I was far too quick for it but it turns out the RTX2070 I have (had) has a few design flaws. A story for another day.

Any way, following my first post it turns out a colleague is also a fan of sim racing and this has led to a little competition. Our track of choice is Brands Hatch and the car is a Lotus T125. I've managed to improve my lap time by some 4 seconds and currently hold the lead. I doubt for much longer though!

Due to the issues with my PC I've been playing on my PS4. The quality isn't quite the same as the PS4 is limited to 30FPS. I'm surprised this actually took some getting used to.

The plan is that we'll mix the challenges up by putting the cars and tracks into a hat and pick one of each every week. Well, it'll keep me out of trouble on Friday nights.


These games have come a long way. I expect with decent controls it's an immersive experience. My son has a PS4, but the only driving he does is things like GTA. I've not played that. My PC is definitely not up to it as it's not built for gaming.

Having the force feedback steering wheel certainly makes a difference and can make it very addictive. I try not to play it too often as I find I get a little too involved when I do and an hour can easily turn into 3.My colleague knocked a second off my lap today so I have a little work to do once the kids have gone to bed tomorrow.

You can beat that! Just stay off the booze when driving.


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