Ape are found in Earth !!!!!

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Fossils of a newly-discovered ancient ape may offer clues to however and once walking on 2 legs evolved.
The ability to run upright is taken into account a key characteristic of being human.
The ape had arms suited to hanging within the trees, however human-like legs.
It may have walked on branches and even on the bottom some twelve million years agone, pushing back the timeline for bipedal walking, say researchers.
Until now the earliest fossil proof for walking upright dates back to 6 million years agone.
The four fossils - of a male, 2 females and a juvenile - were unearthed in a very clay pit in state between 2015 and 2018.
"The finds in southern Germany area unit a milestone in paleoanthropology, as a result of they raise basic questions on our previous understanding of the evolution of the good apes.
She aforementioned the ape may well be the simplest model we've for the "missing link" between humans and apes.
What will the invention tell U.S.A. concerning however bipedal walking evolved?
Ever since Charles Darwin's day, there has been intense discussion concerning however and once our early ancestors began to run on 2 legs.
Did this key characteristic of humans arise from Associate in Nursing ape, very like the great ape, that lived within the trees, or from a knuckle-walking antecedent, that spent most of the time on the bottom, like a gorilla?
The new analysis, revealed within the journal Nature, suggests our upright posture could have originated in a very common antecedent of humans and nice apes UN agency lived in Europe - and not in Africa, as antecedently thought.
The fossils of Danuvius guggenmosi, that lived eleven.62 million years agone, recommend that it absolutely was well custom-made to each walking upright on 2 legs yet as exploitation all four limbs whereas ascent like Associate in Nursing ape.
These findings recommend that bipedal walking evolved within the trees over twelve million years agone, the researchers aforementioned.
What was the ape like?
The male has the foremost complete skeleton, that resembles that of contemporary bonobos. it absolutely was concerning one metre tall and tipped the scales at concerning thirty one kilo. Females weighed concerning eighteen kilo, but any anthropoid ape alive nowadays.
Thanks to healthy limb bones, vertebra, finger and toe bones, the researchers were ready to reconstruct the method the animal rapt.
"For the primary time, we have a tendency to were ready to investigate many functionally vital joints, as well as the elbow, hip, knee and articulatio talocruralis, "It was astonishing for U.S.A. to understand however similar bound bones area unit to humans, as critical nice apes."
The animal's build, posture and locomotion area unit distinctive among primates. Understanding however we have a tendency to came to run on 2 feet guarantees to answer several of the basic questions on the evolution of our species.
Walking upright was a key milestone in human evolution, gap up opportunities to the touch, explore, and learn the way to hold and use tools.


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