Aerogarden - Self Contained Hydro system Week 1

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Well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas holiday? I know that I have had a great time with family and the kids. Nothing beats watching kids rip open gifts on Christmas. The excitement and just pure energy in the air is awesome.

With that, I am going to show off and start a garden journal on this awesome new AREOGARDEN I got from my brother. He knew this would make the perfect gift as I always talk about gardening and growing and he knows that I am eating a load of herbs and plants being vegan and all.

This is quite the little system, It has a 20 watt LED grow light, This light rases on goes down depending on the plant height.

it includes a built-in water pump that is on a timer to keep oxygen flowing in the tank. This model allows for 6 seedlings or plants to be grown at a time.

So after filling it up, you add some plant food, I am planning to find some organic plant food but for now, I am going to use the salt-based one. I am sure over time salt will build up a stop the pump from working but that will be later down the road.

the 6 seeds that it has come with include

  1. Curly parsley
  2. Genovese basil
  3. Thai basil
  4. Mint
  5. Dill
  6. Thyme

I am of course after this run going to see if I can start a seedling of cannabis in one of the pods, This may work or may not but I have moved one of my small seedlings to the light to see how it grows in veg,

So make sure to follow along for weekly updates on the AROGARDEN herbs to see how well they will work out.


I've been thinking of buying one of those but am not sure. I can watch your posts to see how they work 😁

So cool! You could also use that as a cloner.

Yeah that was my first thought haha. I thought about starting some autos and once a root plant but the shock would be bad