How to Make a Home Heating System Heated by a Home Computer Network

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This is a post on how to control your home heating system by using the computer and the internet protocol. The post also touches briefly on the hardware and software requirement for such a system.

Home heating system is primarily done to provide a warmer temperature inside your building. There are two types of home heating systems - the central heating and the local heating. In central heating, the heat is generated in one place and distributed to other place by means of a heat distribution system. In local heating, the heat is generated in the same place where the heating requirement is.

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The main component of the home heating system is the thermostat. It is an electronic device that maintains the temperature at a particular point, as set by the user. In order to make the system more efficient, it is possible to connect your computer to your home heating system. The whole home heating system can be controlled from a remote location by doing this. For this you require a special thermostat called an internet thermostat.

An internet thermostat functions like a normal thermostat and at the same time it can connect to a remote IP network and receive instructions. The user can send specific instruction regarding the switch off time and switch on time. How does this feature enable to increase the efficiency of the home heating system? This is possible by differential setting for the temperature inside your house – one setting when the house is occupied and the other when the house is not. You can set a lower temperature when you are away and a higher temperature when you are inside, thereby saving power. The overall system not only becomes energy efficient but is also environment friendly.

The main components of the computer controlled home heating systems are the Thermostat, the bridge and the Appliance Module. The thermostat itself requires only a 24 VAC power input and it also has the option of working on dual mode. To enhance the security, most systems use wired Ethernet controllers rather than the wireless. The software that operates the thermostat comes with a facility of logging in with a password to prevent hacking of the system. Users are requested to use a strong password. After installation, it would now be possible to operate your heating systems remotely from anywhere in the world.

Installing computer controlled home heating system has the following practical benefits too.

  • Possible to switch off the system if a member of your family has forgotten to switch off, while leaving the premises.
  • Possible to the monitor the temperature in case of failure of other air conditioning systems.
  • No need to walk to the device which may be located in some other room to adjust the setting. You can do so sitting in front of your computer, even when you are in house.

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