Evolution - Beyond The Spectrums

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The leaves are green and the wood is brown and dark.

And also the water is blue and the sky.


But the water isn’t blue nor the sky, they just appear blue.

Am I right?

But If I tell you neither are leaves green and the wood isn’t brown at all. The pink paint isn’t pink either. And your favourite color of car.. ugh

They all just appear to be.

Colors are just a perception of our brain of things that reflect a particular wavelength of light.

A perception of light that is a part of visible spectrum.

But the leaves might be brown and bark might appear green to frogs. Or maybe some altogether different colour.

No one actually knows what colour anything actually is, or if things really have a specific colour.

Colours are a creation of our brain i.e how they are wired to perceive a spectrum of electromagnetic waves.

Why we might never understand this cosmos and emergence of this gigantic structure entangled in intricate ways. The meaning for anything to exist. For life to uprise and grow and evolve and gain this level of consciousness and find many many more questions than answers.

We might never understand even a part of this for the sole reason that humans are bound by such spectrums in every walk of our lives. We have a two points of extreme in everything we can do or think.


Our perception is dependent on spectrums that are visible and obvious to us all. Just like the white light. Just like a range of sound waves. Just like being born and death of us.

These are the spectrums we are bound with. Then there are the spectrums we create.

Like political and personality and behaviour and many others. Either you are left or a right. Either you are shy or overconfident. Everyone of us incline towards a particular side of these spectrums.

They have become a very natural part of our understanding of this world. Spectrums are our measures and S.I units of expression about various things.

They get socially ingrained in us or we can say that they become an integral part of our evolution into a civilised species.

Just like the visible color spectrum is so real for us that we associate it as a characteristic property of physical objects we can see.

While its just a creation of brain, a result of viewing light falling on objects. It depends upon how our eyes and brain functioning has evolved as a species.

We see this world limited to how we can process things. Limited to the spectrum of how we are bound to function and socially programmed.

Soon we will reach a point when more of the unknown will be part of known. And more of the unknown would only be unearthed by questioning these spectrums, by looking beyond what is possible in our limited frames of experiences and references.

Once can achieve true liberation, I feel. By trying to break the barriers and keep on extending the space between the two ends of any spectrum.

Well we might never evolve further as a physical form. Humans are so intelligent that they have found a turn around to the natural consequences. Growing use of air conditioners is the best example.

Our thousands of years later generations might never adapt to the changing surroundings. And may end up living in floating homes or mountains. If temperature of our planet rose to 100 degrees. And the earth melts due to global warming.

Homo Sapiens might still be with similar sensitivity to sun, probably with just technologically advanced living and better AC’s.

We have found a solace and comfort in spectrums. But looking outside of them might liberate us in the true sense. It will be the only road to further evolution of humanity.


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