It's a pandemic of fear, hysteria and medical malpractice!

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I wrote this over a year ago.

No one has died from covid-19 virus!

Seriously people, after all this time no sars cov 2 covid-19 has ever been isolated in its whole form. Artificially piecing together nucleotides to create cgi animation is not isolation of a whole virus organism. On top of that there has never ever been a virus organism isolation ever!

From the very onset of this scamdemic so many people acted or forgot that millions of people die every year, actually 50,000,000 people die worldwide every year.

In the uk about 600,000 people die every year "natural life cycle" why did people all of a sudden demand they were and still, living through a pandemic of death when there has always been mass death every year?

Even the media reports deaths as "with" covid-19 not "by" covid-19 but still people think millions are dying "from covid-19"

People are actually dying like they normally would have, although some are dying faster because of forced DNR and pumping people with sedatives to slow their hearts down! Euthanasia!

It's all been a giant hoax.

I have to ask again, is this the first time in history that people have died? Because every day people are saying, but "people are dying from something" and the only accepted answer is "a deadly virus organism".🤦‍♂️

Anyone who believes this virus pandemic, has fallen for the sadistic sarcastic joke, spreading fear so that as many people as possible crave for a harmful gene delivery drug aka "vaccine" ! You have been hoodwinked if you believe there is a highly contagious deadly virus out to get you!

It's like people: Have never been taught about the "life cycle"? People born, people live, people die. And this is repeated over and over again forever.

The only people that did not need to die are those that died from medical malpractice. Because if there was a natural wild virus out there killing people, it would be impossible to stop. Luckily for us there is no natural wild virus out there killing people, that is all make believe pseudoscience!

Let me give you an example of how this fear is killing people.

People went to hospital with a cough, got put in a coma, got sealed up in an isolation room, forced breathing tubes down their neck, developed ischemic brain damage, seizured up and died. No wild contagious deadly virus needed for cause of death!

This is Medical malpractice and planned euthanasia due to horrible health care treatment!

Now do you know about and understand RF-EMF sickness??

Did you know the ventilators are operating on 60ghz wigig monitoring systems which poisons the air?

Did you know nurses were not fully trained to use the ventilators and told to only monitor the patients from outside the room and not go in? They were simply watching these people fry from the inside out while their lungs were forced with oxygen and blown up like balloons, until these people had seizures from the blood clots and lack of oxygen to the brain! The nurses danced and did tik tok videos while this was going on, do you remember…?

You know those rooms were basically being turned into microwave ovens?

Ask the nurses and doctors about the unbearable heat on covid wards, if they are honest they will describe it to being like "in hell" but at least the nurses could go have breaks… Those innocent people that came into the hospital hoping to get better were basically murdered.

I'm sure we all by now know about the sedating of people in nursing homes and miss treatment? The "covid-19" positive people were being left to rot and die because they were seen as diseased and the caregivers were told not to go near them. The dead were not dying from covid-19 infectious disease, they were dying from covid-19 fear, medical malpractice and lack of health care!

There never was a highly infectious deadly virus killing people. What's killing people is fear and delusions of a make believe virus organism.

Simply Put….

They put fear in your hearts telling you that these are the last days. It's not true, they are just laughing at you! Pushing you to the edge so that you are closer to death, the rich stay rich by killing the poor with war, drugs, vaccinations and lies.

This is just the start of the "new world order" planned genocide, to combat population growth! A test run to see how many people will comply!

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