Germ Theory of Disease = Madness


There is no evidence to prove "germ theory of disease" and so it remains just a theory of disease.

This entire theory is based on complete madness and insanity so if you believe this theory to be true you are likely suffering from a mental illness such as germophobia.

There is also no evidence of virus organism replication; this idea is a complete misconception and misunderstanding of how our body functions.

Both of these false paradigms are used to create hysteria, panic and large profits by criminal drug companies that sell you poison drugs in the name of health care medicine.

Let's look closer at this so-called virus organism replication.

Just because the cells release viral proteins does not mean a virus organism hijacked it and replicated itself inside of the cell only to destroy and burst out of the cell to spread into other cells and hosts.

For instance mRNA exosomes cause this viral protein release naturally and cells do this through endocytosis and exocytosis naturally also.

The release of exosome packets can and will express many spike proteins and carry viral mRNA, peptides and protein enzymes all through the pathways and channels in the body. They will communicate and instruct cells to do functions like differentiate into antigen presenting cells which will look like what people are calling viruses organism replication but in fact it's all done by human DNA and polymorphic intron, exon programming of exosomes.

This is why we should not inject ourselves with mRNA made inside of a eugenics lab that has been protected by gain of function nanoparticles which allow the mRNA to hijack the ribosomes and force cells to make misfolded proteins to block and activate cell receptors that don't need blocking or activating.

There is no evidence of a full virus organism genome outside of an in silico computer model made by artificial alignment and sequencing.

The faster we accept that vitamin and mineral deficiency is the cause of illness, the faster we solve the problem. Just because germs show up and are made to deal with death and decay does not mean the germs caused the death and decay.

Calling germs dangerous to the human body is like saying firefighters caused the fires because they keep showing up to fires.

Germs are part of a healthy ecosystem and the natural life cycle of regeneration and renewal..

Germ Theory of disease is wrong and has been wrong from the moment it was thought up.

If we want to end this madness we need to stop believing in mad theories, germs are the key to survival not a death sentence.

Another way to look at this, is if firefighters were deficient in water or other needed equipment, would they be able to put out the flames? Maybe, but it might take longer and over time the flames go out on their own right? Now there is a mess to clean up, germs show up to clean up also. 👍

We look at illness as a 1 to 1 battle with germs when really it is a whole host of things happening for a specific reason, molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, and simply biology teaches us this.

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Virology is actually not based on biology, instead it has hijacked portions of specific biological studies and twisted it into a thing that has no base for existing. All so called virus organisms are made from within the animal or plant genome. Germs are created by the host organism; they are not infecting the host organism.

Think of the phrase "shark infested waters" sharks live in water, sharks do not infest the water it is their home sharks are not an infestation.

We have been led into a misinformation campaign with lots of doublespeak that most people are unable to discern information properly anymore.


Our germs rely on us to be nourished to provide them the needed stuff to do their job correctly or even to be created within the body properly with the right amino acids and genetic programming sequences to function properly.

For example ivermectin feeds parasites what they need to do their programmed job faster and more efficiently.

When the parasites are no longer needed the body will break them down and get rid of them all. This is a normal process that requires specific nutrients and minerals etc..

When a body is deficient in these minerals etc then the process of healing or renewal might not be able to finish and could produce defective feedback loops where the body makes too much or too little of a chemical which might lead to a disease.


Ivermectin does not attack parasites or help your body break them down. Ivermectin treats parasites as it feeds them what they need to do their job.

This has been proven over and over again so why is there still so much confusion out there about germs and such?

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