Labidura riparia

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This time I went back to exploring the mission of finding insects in the forest of rubber tree plantations.
This time I found an insect that is unique because the clamp shell is on its tail.
I found on top of the leaves of plants that were not too high, I thought the insect was dead, but not long after I photographed several times, I deliberately disturbed the insect to ascertain if he was actually dead.
After I disturbed the insect immediately ran away from the place, and I did not find it anymore.









According to the source I read this insect is called
Labidura riparia

That's all I can share more and less I apologize sometimes there are words that are not polite.

LocationLhoksukon Aceh-Indonesia
Camera MakerRealme
Camera ModelREALME 2 Pro
Take timeDesember 2021
ISO/Fauto F/1.794.71mm
Flash ModeNo Flash

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Nature always surprising, excellent pictures. @sariyulis21

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Thanks @mili2801👍😊

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