Importance of building a learning environment

in Education4 months ago

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A learning environment is that environment conducive to the development of meaningful learning, this means that teaching also takes place in this environment with the aim of encompassing everything within a teaching-learning process.

The evaluation of these learning environments, makes them have a special value within education, so that the development and evolution of education has to do largely to all that scenario or environment that is built to house the various forms of learning that are known within contemporary education.

We know that a learning environment is suitable to carry out the teaching-learning process when students can establish a suitable relationship between them and the teacher, logically when there is an effective communication the development of teaching and learning will also have a greater fluency.

It is important to build a learning environment taking into account the needs of the student, but without neglecting the needs of the teacher to expand and develop all teaching strategies that ultimately will develop meaningful learning in the student.