Can we find a balance between work and our personal life?

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Our lives end up being a paradox, since we want to enjoy our lives at the same time that we are enslaved to our jobs.

It seems unbelievable, but many of us demand that we need more time for our activities, that is a sign that we are becoming slaves to our jobs, since time does not vary, time is the same, however the more activities we add to our lives logically we will need more time to cover so many things we want to do.

The balance of being able to lead a peaceful and enjoyable life while fulfilling our work responsibilities. If we end up doing the things that are not easy but are right, then we end up acting under the premise of a leader who wants to perform at work but enjoy the goodness of life.

I am immersing leadership in all this, because when we want to be free and act responsibly at the same time we are raising the flags of a leader.

Another aspect that is important to keep in mind is that it is not worth focusing all our efforts on a job if in the end being successful will take away the possibility of being able to enrich our human connection, nothing makes sense if we end up being successful but we end up being alone.

When we put a touch of planning to our lives is when we realize that it is best to invest more time for us than work, but of course being responsible for the work we do.

Finally I tell you that I am completely convinced that we must consider as the most important thing what we give to achieve our success, the thought that we must discard is when we think that we must always receive something from life, when we ourselves are the ones who do not give anything to life.



I hope a balance is possible. Balance between how much you have to work and how much you want to live seems more like a blessing than reality sometimes. When you do get it though it’s spectacular and fleeting.