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RE: MONOMAD: Dayah Po Teumeureuhom

in Black And White6 months ago

I love all things built in wood,but sometimes its Hard to capture it right and get Great shots.
But your pictures really brings out the beauty in every shot,the first picture is my favorite as it is different from the others and made me feel like I was standing there.

Really amazing and I also love black&white pictures so this was absolutly my thing 😊

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend 🌹 cheers


In our place, there are still many wooden construction buildings left from the past. Your comment means a lot, thank you very much.

That is so cool that there are, love to walk back in time with buildings and things that is a part of history. And wooden constructions are special somehow 😊

Have a wonderful sunday 🌹

Okay, in the next few days, I will present to you photos of wooden buildings with flower carvings, relics of the past at our place.