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RE: The internet of things and the tokenization of everything

in LeoFinance8 months ago

People send out their tweet replies as if the world sees them, even though for most, it is unlikely more than a handful read

That's me with ko-fi XD

With the IoT one, J has been saying that one day activity tracker data would be used by insurance companies to adjust premiums per person (perhaps instead of having "plans" like they do now) so I guess they could/would do likewise with driving data (though if all cars are automated by then perhaps it would only be applied to people who prefer to drive manually? XD ).

There's already at least one phone app that "rewards" you for not using your phone (I think it's with a plant or something, the longer you don't use your phone the bigger the plant gets) so it probably wouldn't be a huge stretch to do something similar with a tv.

Was it you that once wrote a dystopian nightmare of a short story about the tokenisation of everything? XD