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by KingBenny ( 1301797 ) on Monday September 30, 2019 @05:58PM (#59252758) Homepage
it goes by consensus, right ? (acts all knowingly as he just happened to read something on wikipedia yesterday) ... the bigger part of the scientific community agrees to something that seems the most plausible (or maybe the only one that might advance when worked with) and that is "the current model" of things, despite that fact that 90% is missing and even with the matter i just found out then stil 70% would be missing and we would all still be living in swiss cheese (dark-matterphobia ... you're afraid to get out of bed because you fear you might put your foot in a missing part of the universe, its 9 out 10 chance after all (generalized)) Even with spacetime itself bent under the weight of heavy words, people seem to like linear things ... straighforward and opposed, numbers are plotted on a (straight) line for some kind of visualization but why ? well thats not the but a of many questions. Digital machines try to categorize a universe that is until further notice analogue (as mathematics in theory states : there is an infinite number of points (numbers) between any given two points (numbers) so in theory there is no quantum at all because there's always one between , actually an infinite number between the smallest quanta one could observe or even fathom or imagine (in theory, until proven otherwise) ... as many things. I keep weird notions myself personally like : "time has not been proven to exist" in any way, its an observation, its based on perception of decaying states (mostly) but the actual physical, tangible essence time would constitute has not been proven to exist, so, like numbers it's a framework for measurement (there are no numbers in the universe, and in the observable one for all we know of only in the minds of iApes so far , but even that is hard to prove i guess, does a dog have buddha nature and/or does it know the difference between one and two bones ? it might between any and zero, then again when zero it might not even consider 'bone' until it sees it although it does go foraging but if that is with bone in mind or different things we'll have to wait until the mayan prophecies and the satya yuga bring telepathy back (and with it the end of corruption) ... I always saw the numbers plotted on some type of möbius ring, exactly like the infinity symbol (said to have been given to the guy whos name i cant remember , but whats in a name but the intention of its creator, in a dream ... divine (alien?) intervention almost, like when Einstein rose up to heaven on the third they as they came to get him back, probably sorry to have violated the prime directive there) So in essence how that looks as opposed to a straight line with an infinity on either side you get ONE infinity in the middle point where all loops through, start from there +1 quantum you get zero i suppose, follow to the right (ad infinitum) you end up across the loop ... in the middle at infinity , both positive and negative at once or none of either makes a lot more sense to me than a straight line that never ends : a cycle but i am no scholar, i hold no degrees and all my thoughts are chaos ... i missed slashdot really .... steemit was shrinking my world (not that i dont like it but i think they're cannibalizing themselves and refuse to see it, sadly ... its such a cool toy to play with ...) -- Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ?
Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ?

what strikes me is that the site says "slashdot on linkedin and now on minds" ... but not on steemit .... stricken i am