Restoration [Poetry]

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If, in some future where an implant
Slid into the sliced skin, muscles
Became part of the corpuscular flow, the neural networking
Lurked underneath the body’s topography
Inserted into the brain, lazer thin, slivered chips
Made us cyborg, super human, superseding
Our landscape of mortality with it’s human suffering - -

Perhaps, and only perhaps
I might become an oncologist, in an instant.
Understand the cancerous
Cells that hide behind organs, explode in the flesh
Bring down strong men and take away tiny children
Or maybe use this pound of flesh to lift and heave
Slabs of concrete and wire, great stones raised by long gone men
The temple falls, the crumpled skyscrapers
Revealing the life beneath the quake debris.
Uber heroic, super woman, fixer of suffering.

What a world we live in where unimaginable technologies
Expand the skull, man’s small universe
Vaulted with bone, hitherto mysterious & dark

For now – the potential
Let those who cannot speak, nor walk nor touch
Be restored, whole – neural linked.

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This is in response to the @ecotrain Question of the Week, which asks us to ponder Musk's visions and research of neural links in high tech brain implants, overcoming human weaknesses, disease and injury like Parkinson's and quadriplegia. Whilst any technology has it's pitfalls, and the 'cyborg' can be a terrifying sci fi or dystopian concept, as are robotics, it is technology that continues to find ways to ease suffering and increase our human potential. It is not the technology that is evil, only the way that we use it. There is a large part of me that begs for acceptance of our mortality, with all it's limitations in the form of disease, genetics, age, circumstances and accidents - but that is very easy for me to say with my able body and good health. Why should we not give these opportunities to be super human to those who are limited by flesh and bone? Fear of the unknown, the unmapped territories is par for the course - the world needs vision, however terrifying it might be, as much as it needs regulation and conversations about the ethics of such technologies. What do you think?


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Even your poetry pushes at the Brave New World edges.... wonderful. Especially wonderful that you found a poem lurking, cos that tells me you are caring for yourself better and finding perspective.

I loved the way your heart informed how this super-new-cyborg existence would change the world through healing others. So very Nat Med and so very YOU.

"....the world needs vision, however terrifying it might be, as much as it needs regulation and conversations about the ethics of such technologies." Nailed it with this. :)

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A high praise indeed, and really appreciated, dear @artemislives. Thanks so much. It's funny - the first line just appeared to me almost immediately I read the QOTW! My heart did speak before my brain, which was a sure sign to go for poetry.

I totally believe that our first reaction shouldn't be rejection of ideas, however wild they might be. I can see that Musk may not have won any friends in Thailand, but still, his visions get people talking about just what we're capable of with enough money, effort and vision! We don't live in a comic book world where technology immediately leads to evil, but indeed we need the necessary ethical checks to ensure we don't destroy ourselves.

As you say, it is not the technology that is bad but the purpose for which it is used for. Lots of technologies are created with altruistic purposes behind it but those with the money to fund research and development often have different agendas from altruism and it is always about the bottom line.
That being said, i feel every human being deserves to live life to the utmost of their potential. If neural linking is what is needed for a child who cannot walk to be able to go to places he or she would not have been able to, then i am all for it. It will need regulation though and i hope there are better men and women at the helm of power who see lives instead of profit margins.

I absolutely agree. But, did you like my poem? :P xxx

Ooooh yes! lol. I guess i got carried away by the addendum. I love the first stanza especially. The flow of sounds and the use of enjambment makes it a beautiful thing on the tongue. The diction too is awesome. I don't think i have such scientific diction in my vocabulary. Nothing like a widely read poet to add spice to the genre. What's not to like?

Aw shucks thanks. Its nice to get feedback from a poet. Appreciate it!! I enjoyed the enjambment with this one.

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I am glad i could be of help. The alliteration and assonance too was superb. I like it when i know that figures of speech in a poem are not deliberate but spontaneous. It tells me that the poet has an ear to the sounds, moods, subject of the poem without a deliberate attempt to create a poetic piece. Spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling and all that...

Me too. Poetry has to rise from the deeply felt otherwise it doesn't work. I spent too long on contrived device, rather than it just working.

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I do like poetry that includes science.. my husband is a physicist, and there is poetry even in stars and atoms. Sometimes, like with this post, it takes a little research.

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Haha! now i know the source of corpuscular and neural networking. lol. I rarely research anything. Scientific stuff makes my head ache. This is why i don't write as well as i should. I know i need to do research, read outside my comfort zone but i am creature of habit.

Imagine indeed, 6 months ago I would have begged for this, a chance of survival for my sister. This is indeed an important topic. For what are we without pain, who would we become.
I do love your writing and the wonderful way you approach things, such a wonderful poem xx

Thankyou so much. I hoped you would read it. Pain is part of life, just as joy and love are. 🧡🧡🧡

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this is an awesome piece. i love the flow of it. i can almost hear it spoken..

Thanks so much! I often read alot to check the flow, but didn't need to with this one. It just arose.. fun to write. Since Steem, Ive written more poetry than ever before, finding my voice. Its been an interesting experience!

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Aw, thanks so much. I was proud of this one, and felt sad it didn't get read as much as I would have liked - not least that it didn't get read or commented on by the person who set the challenge in the first place! I'm sure it's an oversight. These things get lost in the busy-ness and mayhem of the crazy lives we lead and the erraticism of the steem blockchain. Nevertheless, it's really nice to be recognised. xx thankyou xx

This is awesome. I am a follower! wanna read more of your posts. ^^