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RE: My own research on Steem: leptoquarks at the Large Hadron Collider

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Wait what... do you HAVE coronavirus or is it limiting travel?


I may have it. We still don't know. For now, I have zero symptom but the 14-days quarantine period is not over. Therefore, yes, it consists in limiting travel (I stay home with the family,, confined, for safety measures).

I went to Korea on Feb 11th (before the coronavirus explosion) and left on the 21st, just before things got crazy. Therefore, the chances for having it are not small... I was in Seoul where the number of cases start to rise (and the dates match with the period of my visit).

Oh gosh. Well, glad you quarantined yourself!!! Is the whole family quarantined with you? At Bangkok airport... very, very quiet here. Enroute to Delhi then UK. Be interesting to see where this goes. I don't fancy being confined to the UK if they shut down Europe!

Is the whole family quarantined with you?

Yes, we self-decided to proceed that way, for the greater good. This being said, I still have no symptom.

When I came back form Korea, the airport was actually incredibly calm, and the flight was mostly empty. The coronavirus is doing a lot for the planet, ironically...

I was supposed to go lecturing in India on Wednesday, but I had to cancel the flight. One can notice the stupidity of Lufthansa here: I only have a message from the university asking me to stay in quarantine for 14 days, but they want me to go to see the doctor to get a medical certificate to be allowed to cancel the flight without any charge. They definitely did not get it...