An Open Letter to the non-Western World

Dear non-Western World

Sorry for all the scientific advancement us Westerners made, all the diseases we cured and people alive today because of it, and all those people we brought out of poverty, and all the things we invented like unions, anti-racism, feminism, trains, space suits, telephones, internet, glasses, the dreaded combustion engine etc.
So sorry about our industrial revolution which brought living standards back to a level not seen since ancient Rome, and then spreading it globally. So sorry spreading tech and psychotechnologies. The world was a Utopia until us European types went around the world outlawing head hunting of other tribes and other such practices we deemed barbaric, when we know there is no such thing as a barbaric culture, other than Western culture of course.
We just have to look to places in Europe like England today to see all the Honour killings and female genital mutilations. Us Europeans sure have a problem. What are we like? So sorry.

Yours sincerely,
Wily Westerner

I wrote the above as a satirical faux-response to the looney anti-Western rhetoric you see these days, strangely enough chiefly coming from middle class Westerners and middle class non-westerners. It's a bit like a religion, with the Europeans as the devil, and if we can just decolonize the world from their evil systems, everything will magically be Utopia. At the end of the day, we have all inherited this earth together, and must work together for a better tomorrow, instead of playing the divisionary blame game.

What do you think of anti-western religious ideology? Grounded in truth? Or a low resolution view of the world?

Irish Writer, Poet, & Lover