2 species of insect hunting that are unique today in the jungles of Aceh

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Good night all my friends and I hope you have a great day and are in good condition today wherever you are.

Today I went back around the Aceh forest area and there I again hunted for some small insect objects in this Aceh forest area, considering that there are lots of wild plants growing here so there will be lots of flying insects in this forest area.

And when I got there I immediately walked where there were lots of different types of insects playing, and at that time I was not in vain because I got two species of insects that were very beautiful and had their own uniqueness from several other types of insects.

The first is the red beetle species or better known by another name, namely the Scarlet lily beetle. They have a very small body shape with very small black eyes and have a very striking color, and you can see them below.

The scarlet lily beetle, red lily beetle, or lily leaf beetle (Lilioceris lilii), is a leaf beetle that eats the leaves, stem, buds, and flowers, of lilies, fritillaries and other members of the family Liliaceae.....Wikipedia

Scarlet lily beetle






Scolypopa australis, commonly known as the passionvine hopper, is a species of insect in the Ricaniidae family of planthoppers (Fulgoroidea) that is native to Australia and has been introduced to New Zealand.....Wikipedia

Scolypopa australis




LocationForest Aceh, Indonesia



What other interesting aspects of the insect world do you present? again and again.
You are very diligent in hunting and finding those who are strange and unique.
You deserve their uniqueness, @ridor5301.

Keep hunting.


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Hello @ridor5301!

Good work!
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