To Buy or Not to Buy Another Sexy Heated Body Warmer...?!?

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Now that the weather is turning cold I am really appreciating the heated body warmer I bought back in summer...


Just trust me on this, i'm writing this from the GF's house and it's damp and cold outside, and not that warm inside but I am proper fucking TOASTY thanks to this thing!

The only downside of the body warmer I got is the size: I bought a medium thinking I'd wear it as a snug-fitting under-layer to an outer jacket and I got the sizing just right for that, but it's so good now I'm thinking I'd also just quite like a large size which would be, well, more more size - as in the size that actually fits and doesn't look too small.

The reason for this being that it's so good that I don't really need an outer layer when it's dry, which will probably be the case at least 30% of the time over winter here in the U.K. and the medium one looks a bit silly as it is (deliberately) too small.

Now I can afford another one these larger sized bad boys no problemo, but I'm currently in my 'if you don't really NEED it then don't buy it mode'.

These things cost £100, which is 100% worth it as they basically eradicate the need for a warm jacket all winter - all you need is a relatively thin outer layer to keep the wind and/ or rain off as necessarily, but £!00 hmmm....

I'd kind of rather that were sitting in my new 5% saver account earning me some interest, it's £100 towards the new land fund I'm currently just starting to build as that's got to be my next major purchase.

And I really don't want to get into the habit of IMMEDIATELY buying a second version of something I've already got just for the sake of aesthetics.

It's an old discipline I used to be much better at practicing a few years ago and I want to get back into the habit of doing so.

Although NB I will say two further things....

  1. I'm hoping to buy some land in the next couple of years - if I had a longer term time-frame I'd probably just buy this ting now given the inflation rate and its capacity to undermine the value of FIAT.

In fact I might even change my mind about purchasing this 'ting NOW given the inflation rate... hmmm.

Also I'm probably going to buy my GF one of these things - this is the sort of love that needs to be shared, it's just a shame I can't hand the one I've got down, it just wouldn't fit being a bloke's cut, tits and all!

Oh actually fuck it maybe I should just buy two of these things in the Black Friday deals...?

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I need one for my feet, they are constantly icy! The ones that work connect to the main and are static. That would be great apart from the fact Electricity has risen by 800% or so..

you wouldn't need that much leccy for yr feet what about heated slippers or shoes..?

I tried the former, they are crap and not hot enough!

Wow you must have very cold feet!

Maybe heated insoles? Are they are thing? I just had a quick think about how I'd actually heat footwear - have to be insoles IMO.

There's some on special offer here. No idea if they are any good. I could have used them in my motorbike days. The winters could be grim on a bike. I guess with black Friday there will be other deals.