[Share n burn] Today's coronavirus (COVID-19) links - April 7, 2020

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In no particular order, here are today's links from my RSS feed. Please consider clicking through to upvote any Steem post(s) on the list.

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As mentioned in previous posts, here is a visualization tool for mapping the cases of COVID-19 occurrences.

According to the site, this morning's worldwide number of reported cases was 1,362,936 with 292,188 recoveries, 76,373 deaths, and 368,449 cases reported in the US.

Of the cases in the US, the site reports 19,919 recoveries, 11,008 deaths, and 13,206 cases in my state, Pennsylvania.

  1. Steem @zirochka: Coronavirus situation in Ukraine: An Inside Look

  2. Steem @meepins: US COVID Update (07-04-2020)

  3. Steem @skycorridors: Hydroxychloroquine: what the studies say, and what the risks are

  4. Steem @rt-international: India allows export of drugs linked to Covid-19 treatment to ‘badly-hit’ countries amid row with US

  5. The US Will Never Get Back to Pre-Coronavirus Spending Levels, History Suggests. And That Means Trouble - Not only does the US government never pay back what it has borrowed, somehow the emergency stimulus spending always becomes the new normal.

  6. Turns Out, Traffic Spreads Like the Coronavirus - Subtitle: Researchers use models meant for infectious diseases to show how congestion proliferates. That may mean a vaccine for traffic jams is on the horizon.

  7. Why the coronavirus lockdown is making the internet better than ever - Subtitle: Far from breaking it, the surge in usage the internet is seeing right now is driving a major upgrade.

  8. Coronavirus crisis will leave 3 lasting scars, even if the economy recovers in fourth quarter, Pimco warns

  9. How 3 Philly-area biopharmaceutical firms are working through coronavirus challenges

  10. Opinion: How a $70K salary minimum is helping this company weather the coronavirus crisis - Subtitle: CEO Dan Price: COVID-19 has already cost Gravity Payments half of its revenue. Here’s how we’re avoiding layoffs

  11. Opinion: My 3-D printing company is making thousands of coronavirus test swabs a day — here’s how we did it - Subtitle: Formlabs went from a prototype in mid-March to clinical tests to production in a matter of weeks

  12. WhatsApp is limiting message forwarding to combat coronavirus misinformation - Subtitle: From today, messages identified as “highly forwarded” can be forwarded only to a single person instead of five.

  13. Microsoft Helps Hospitals Fight Ransomware Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

  14. A Florida lab is using self-driving vans to ferry coronavirus tests

    Here is a video:

  15. Antarctic science put on ice by coronavirus – next summer's expeditions restricted to essentials and robots - Subtitle: Australia just wants to get supplies in and keep people moving safely

  16. Coronavirus Can Infect Cats (Podcast)

  17. Walmart hit with wrongful-death lawsuit by estate of worker who died of coronavirus

  18. Opinion: The coronavirus pandemic reminds us that people belong at the center of our economic thinking - Subtitle: Health, relationships and community are more important than abstract economic concepts and statistics

  19. Coronavirus-related cyberattacks surge in Brazil - Subtitle: There has been a 124% increase in phishing attacks in March as a result of WhatsApp messages with content relating to the pandemic.

  20. On Coronavirus, Economists Think Differently to the ‘Common Sense’ Crowd

  21. 5 Ways the Economic Upheaval of Coronavirus May Impact CO2 Emissions - Subtitle: When Americans return to the roads, what happens to oil prices and China’s recovery strategy could all impact emissions levels

  22. Pennsylvania rules utility contractors can work during coronavirus shutdown

  23. San Francisco's landmark Palace of Fine Arts is being converted to a makeshift homeless shelter for up to 162 people to help fight the coronavirus spread

  24. Dairies Are Dumping Millions of Gallons of Milk While Stores Are Rationing It Due to the Coronavirus. What’s Going On? - Subtitle: Why is so much perfectly good milk draining into pits instead of replenishing empty dairy aisles?

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