Some Effects of Atmospheric Pressure_Part (II)

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First of all my respectful greetings to all the academic and scientific community of, and as we all know both areas of vital importance for our exponential development in all senses.


Actually my dear readers we are constantly under the effects of any phenomenon that develops around us as you could see in the previous article related to describe and know some effects of atmospheric pressure, and for this we managed to perform a small but significant practical experience, where we clearly witnessed such action by collapsing the walls of a cylindrical aluminum container, so if you want to visualize that action you can do so in the following link link.

To understand the effect of pressure it is always important to take into account the concept of this physical quantity, since it represents the relationship between the amount of force applied on a certain area, and also, acting perpendicularly, so its expression or formula is known as P = F/A, so the pressure will always be proportional to the application force, but inversely proportional to the area of application of the same.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to continue deepening on some effects of atmospheric pressure in our lives and in a natural way, in the last article we could notice how on our shoulders constantly rests a column of air which exerts pressure on us, however, my dear readers, we do not feel this pressure, and therefore we believe that it has no effect on us.

To continue deepening in these daily effects of atmospheric pressure we will make other practical experiences that can serve as an example in the purpose of this article, and also, I think the most important thing is that each of you can do it at home and check the action of atmospheric pressure.

Some effects of atmospheric pressure

How to leave aside the phenomenon of atmospheric pressure if it surrounds us at all times since we are immersed in it, represented by the homogeneous mixture of gases that make up the material or elastic medium we call air, and furthermore, this material medium allows us to exist due to its oxygen content.

Therefore, just as each one of us carries on our shoulders a certain column of air, that is, a certain fraction of the atmosphere above us, the same happens with any object that is around us, and this can be visualized in our practical experience.

Before moving on to our small practical experiences, it is important to continue highlighting that the column of air indicated above will increase at greater depth, and with this, the same will occur with the pressure exerted by this column, let's move on to the realization of our small practice and for this we will use simple materials such as:

*Plastic container (plastic bottle)
*Glass tumbler.
*Adhesive tape.
*Piece of cardboard.
Below you will see two effects of atmospheric pressure in the following images.









In each of the previous images you could witness again the action of air pressure, i.e. atmospheric pressure, where, in our first example, we noticed that although our plastic water container was perforated, the liquid still remained inside the container, of course, when the container was closed, and thus the air pressure does not enter the interior of the container.

Focusing on the outside of the plastic container, we found the effect of the atmospheric pressure around the container did not allow the water to exit through the holes made, but this changed when the bottle was uncorked and the air began to enter the interior making pressure perpendicularly forcing the water to exit through the holes.

In relation to the other example, we proceeded to place water inside a glass beaker and then placed a piece of cardboard on top of it, and when it was like this I proceeded to turn it upside down, clearly noticing how the action of the atmospheric pressure under the cardboard prevented the water from coming out of the beaker.

We analyzed the above with several levels of water inside the glass, observing the same result, that is to say, that thanks to the effects of atmospheric pressure the water continued inside the glass, highlighting that although there was air inside the glass, it did not have the necessary weight to overcome the force or pressure of the air column under the glass, as you could see in each of the previous images.


With very simple, but significant examples, we continue to demonstrate some effects of atmospheric pressure which, as has been expressed, is everywhere we are, and each of us are witnesses of this action even though we can hardly notice it, that is why we intend to carry out such practical experiences.

My dear readers we can say that there are many examples that we could find around us as shown in this article in the previous images and thus allow us to continue consolidating all the wonderful knowledge related to atmospheric pressure, so we will continue to explore in future installments other practical examples in order to easily show the action of atmospheric pressure.

Until another opportunity my dear readers of Hive, especially the members of the great community of #stemsocial, for which I highly recommend being part of this beautiful project, because it allows us to highlight the wonderful work of academia and likewise the enormous work of the entire scientific field.

Note: All images are my own and were captured with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy J2 cell phone, the animated gif was made with the PhotoScape application.

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Thanks a lot for sharing those nice experiments. Once again, I find it very valuable.

As a side note, It is school vacation time in France at the moment, and my wife and I were looking for simple scientific experiments to do with the kids. I am definitely adding those two to the list. They are great and simple to put in place!

Cheers, and have a nice week-end!

Hello dear @lemouth thank you for your important visit and for your words are valuable to me.

As a side note, right now it's school vacations in France, and my wife and I were looking for simple science experiments to do with the kids. I'm definitely going to add these two to the list. They are great and simple to put into practice!

That's right my friend they really are very easy to put into practice and get a proper understanding of atmospheric pressure, and have a great weekend.

We just had a lot of fun with the flipped glass of water today! The kids enjoyed it a lot. Next time they will have to try it out by themselves ;)

I am glad to read what you express to us:

Today we had a lot of fun with the upside down water glass. The kids really enjoyed it.

My daughter also enjoys and collaborates with me when I do some of these little practical experiences, and she also learns since she is very curious and in the future she will surely have her blog in Hive, Greetings to you and your family I wish you the best in the world.

I hope my sons too, but they are still too young for that ;)

Have a great day!


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