Gearing technology in motion transmission



Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, if there is an essential or indispensable phenomenon for the universe in full it is undoubtedly the movement, therefore, this aspect makes all living beings that we are immersed in any space-time of the universe depend on the phenomenon of movement.


Everything around us has some kind of mobility, for example, our physical entity (body) requires this phenomenon in order to stay alive, and so do the rest of the living beings that cohabit or coexist with us in this complex but enchanting universe, and from which we have learned a lot.

Undoubtedly my dear readers, when we talk about the phenomenon of movement we are referring to the most important phenomenon for all of us, and we can find it at any time of our lives either naturally or artificially, and the latter, we have made it a reality thanks to the powerful tool for obtaining knowledge such as science and technology, of course, without leaving aside the wonderful field responsible for the propagation of each of these learnings as is the field of education.

In this opportunity we will be relating in a general way with the gear technology since it represents an important mechanism for the transmission of movement, that is, from a rectilinear movement to a circular one or vice versa, among other forms of transmission of movement, thanks to the advances in technology it has been possible to generate materials suitable for the development of different types of gears.

In general, a gear is made up of two cogwheels and can be applied in any activity of our daily life, from those complex mechanisms of motion transmission to those basic mechanical systems such as the one shown below in the following animated picture.


In this way, gear technology has come to conquer our attention due to its multiple applications in any of our most daily activities, such as the example shown above, and examples like these can be found everywhere at any time of our existence, as we can see below.


Now we will also relate to a type of mechanism that plays an important role in these gear systems as are the pawls, therefore, we can express that this element is nothing more than a mechanism which allows a certain gear to rotate or turn in one direction only, and thus it is impossible for them to rotate to the other side, as shown in the gif image at the beginning of this article.


Throughout the years the essential nexus between science-technology-education has shown us that we can nourish ourselves from them in the best possible way, and as it has been expressed, they extract all kinds of knowledge from our nature, to then design innumerable machines or mechanical systems like the ones shown in this opportunity, but nevertheless, each one of you can be reliable witnesses of this action.

The modernity that humanity enjoys today is undoubtedly due to the hard work done by the three fields mentioned above and this will continue through time, and reflected in the pages of our rich history, therefore, it will always be important to highlight each technological application in our lives as this demonstrates that they are already an intrinsic part of our existence.

Until another opportunity, my dear readers, I hope you can share your excellent contributions and consolidate the issue raised in this opportunity.

Note: All the images are of my authorship and elaborated in Power Point and the animated gifs are created with the PhotoScape application.

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