Center of gravity some generalities_Part VII

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First of all a respectful greeting to all the academic and scientific community of, we continue with our purpose of knowing a little more about the wonderful phenomenon of the center of gravity of a certain body, object or system of particles that we will elaborate at home.


From our environment we have obtained all the knowledge with which we have developed until today, and undoubtedly we continue to learn from our surroundings thanks to the implementation of our intellectuality through the field of science, which is why in this opportunity we will continue linking us with the wonderful phenomenon of the center of gravity of a particular system configured with any object found at home.

Therefore, my dear friends, we will look around us to see what kind of particular system we can think of with the firm purpose of continuing to demonstrate the effect of the center of gravity, as usual we must continue to indicate that any object or body is made up of different amount of particles which have their own weight and the sum of all will give the total weight of the system formed.

This particle system will have a resultant force thus locating an imaginary concentric point which will continue to allow us to balance the particle system that we are going to structure as I have been able to show you in each of the previous deliveries and in the same way it will be on this occasion.

Center of gravity of some objects or particle systems

As in previous deliveries we will look for any type of object to see what we can think to structure as a particle system in order to continue demonstrating the action of the center of gravity, then, it has occurred to me to develop an aircraft type object with easily accessible material at home and then stabilize the aircraft in its center of gravity of the entire particle system, for this we know some of the materials to be implemented:

  • A piece of cardboard.
  • A few centimeters of wire.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Some coins or other weight-bearing objects.
  • Cardboard glue.
  • Pencil and ruler.
  • Pencil sharpener with collector.

Once described the materials to be used, our main objective is to structure an aircraft type object which we will place its center of gravity together with other objects that make up the entire particle system, for this let's start to see the following images:


In the previous figure you can see how I have marked on the cardboard the parts of our object to be made and then cut out and join as you will see in the following image.


In the previous figure we have joined the two parts, to make the object more resistant we can reinforce it with two equal parts as you observed previously.


In this opportunity we observe the coins that will be our weights which will allow us to stabilize our object, the amount of coins will depend on the size and total weight of the object in my case I implemented two coins for each side as shown in the following image.


These coins can be placed using some kind of glue and also securing them with packing tape as you could see, then we will place a wire which will hold our object and where we will locate the concentric point or center of gravity with the rest of the constituent elements.


In this way we can check if our object remains in balance by placing it on the eraser of a pencil which in turn will be attached to a pencil sharpener as you can see in the following image.


In this way we have formed a particle system and located the effect of its center of gravity, as you can see in the following images.




We managed to structure another system of particles and we have also found the location of that concentric point of the resultant force of the system thus generating its equilibrium in its center of gravity as you have noticed, and also highlighting that all elements are easily accessible in our homes, therefore, it is possible that each of you can make them and demonstrate the action of the center of gravity from your own experience.

Until another time my dear readers of, especially the members of the great @stemsocial community, to whom I recommend to be part of this great project, as it highlights the excellent work of the academy and the wonderful work of the entire scientific field.

Note: All images are my own and worked in Power Point, and they were photographed with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro cell phone, and the animated gif was made with Photo Scape.

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I love these homemade experiments! It is fun to learn physics in this way and not only solve formulas in a class

Hello friend thank you for your words and good that you like this kind of small experiments at home so we learn physics in a fun way as you very well expressed. Greetings.

Ahaha that's a cool experiment. You can also do it with tons of different objects, making it sometimes super impressive ^^


Hello dear friend, thank you as always for your visit and valuable contribution, so we can do it with different materials that we can have at home and in this way we learn more easily. Greetings.


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