¿Am I becoming a bit antisocial?

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WEB 3.0

eerm... well... nope! I don't think so. At least not more than usual. I would say, prolly not much more antisocial than everyone else around. Perhaps it's only your own perception. But definitely something different can be felt in the environment.

Perhaps it is only enough to take a brief walkaround thru the Hive trending page and carefully check and analyze all those posts that are over the $100 or $200 in the rewards mark to measure our antisocial level. Or maybe not! ...just a simple hunch.

"C. Elegans World"

Without much stake nor need for excessive stake. ¿How many neurons do you think are necessary to digitize in order not to become fully antisocial? Or in other interactomics words. Without any need to have too much "skin in the game" how many living brain cells in a dish are necessary to play a good set of Pong?

«-Synthetic Brains-»

Yeah! life always finds a way. Blind upvotes, profit-seeking comments, replies, interaction, engagement, computer code, evolutionary algorithms and gamification. And ¡BLAM! we'll have created a heap of Xenobots looking for more connectomes.


Did you see? No neurons whatsoever are needed to play this computerized monetary game. Just a couple of franken cells designed and assembled into the approximate shape specified by the algorithm and they are ready to reproduce and create a second generation of themselves. Creating babies that would self-assemble into a bunch of other full functional xenobots with the same features and traits.

Alright! let's recap!

But yeah, better ignore what I wrote today. Most likely, I just have dawned somewhat esoteric in a Pacman shape and after some wanderings over here and over there I ended up in the mood to post something a bit cryptic and slightly controversial.

A thing that should not surprise you much if you are in the habit of reading carefully what I have written, watched the videos that I share in their entirety and have clicked on all the links that I leave scattered throughout the articles to make you think and ponder. Yeah, that's just my own style and bad habit of try to pull your tongue. And yeah, not specifically because I'm seeking blind upvotes and profit-seeking comments, interaction & engagement from xenobots. But for something else. And now let's just say goodbye with one last question:

¿Is Reality Antisocial?

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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Again a highly deep and interesting piece of content you've brought together in just a single post. I really have no idea what the answer can be to your question: Is Reality anti-social? Am wondering if we can ever really go by objective reality. In research and definitions, maybe yes, but our human brains maybe not. To be honest, will need to think about this much more, than the half an hour I did digest all the content. BTW, the possible conclusion of the speaker about why Elon Musk may not like web3.0, is one that I find hilarious, but at the same time very reasonable. Though I wish for more than a few of us (ultimately, all of us) to be incomplete symbiosis in all positive ways we can imagine, such a conclusion about Elon (if it's true) shows how far away we are from such reality. Wondering what the xenobots when evolved in version gazillion.0 will think about your question. Also wondering how the individual xenobots will live together. Will they become the selfish, money-grabbing, anti-socials as so many peeps are in our world today? Or will they trend towards forming a (much) better society where all individuals will be able to be happy in their own ways?