Today, the U.K. Government Scrapped the EV Grant

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Today the U.K. government announced that the £1,500.00 grant for buying an EV car under the price of £32,000.00 has gone - effective immediately.

So many people were shocked when the grant was slashed last year - us included. So it was rather sad to hear that, as of today, there is no more grant.

With the price of petrol and diesel, many people had been looking to make the change to an electric vehicle. With the cost of living crisis, this grant was a way to bridge the gap to being able to get a new car, or not.

What are your thoughts about the ending of this grant?

Annabelle 😊


Subsidies simply distort markets. I think we have reached a point where EVs are more economical than internal combustion engines. So there is no need for governments to spend taxpayer dollars on the project.

So, I think this is a good thing.


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Excellent. If people can can afford to buy 32 grand electric cars they can afford not to need a 1500quid handout.

Many more places that money could be used to benefit more people.

Excellent point @nathen007 - thanks for sharing.

Annabelle 😊

Oil burning cars have been effectively subsidised for decades by ignoring the pollution they cause. We need to get away from them as fast as possible. Of course a decent public transport system is important too, but then the government doesn't seem to care about that either.

Good point @steevc - the public transport system is the stuff of nightmares! Thanks for sharing.

Annabelle 😊

Hi @planetauto, all kinds of restrictions end up affecting many people, but the world economy is crumbling so they will have to wait for it to get better.
Thanks for sharing and reporting.

Thanks for commenting, @elmundodexao!

Annabelle 😊

I agree that subsidies are atrocious and artificial. It just kicks the can down the road for issues that don’t hold water. The cost of these electric vehicles is astronomical and not really a good idea at the moment. As well the power grid can’t handle the massive increase in the load this would cause so it’s best for all that these subsidies don’t go through. It won’t be the case for a lot longer but at least now it is.

Is electric the answer? In my opinion absolutely not. We can find far better ways to run vehicles but it doesn’t make as much money and that’s the sad part.

1500 pounds is a huge amount and governments might have a set timeline for this program. This was an awareness program and those who took benefits could be the lucky one, but I think government can still help in buying EVs via tax reduction initiative.

Well, sometimes it had to end anyway. Thanks bro.

I’m in two minds about this. We bought our EV in September and because the MG5 comes in under 30k, we weren’t eligible for the grant then. I was a bit put back because I’d been following the electric marketplace for some time and was hoping to have some taken off.

However who’d expect the grant to be available in the longer term? I guess not

However to cut it now is as foolhardy as SMT other decision they’ve made at this current point in time.

Liz Truss would also happily rid us of all solar panels.

I’ll stop my rant there before I get heated about it!!

EVs need to become affordable for everyone.

Couldn't agree more, @nicklewis