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RE: Why Ecency ?...For multiple benefits.

in Ecency10 months ago (edited)

I so agree with you, steem. Just like you, I so love ecency for the same reasons. I think you have mentioned all the excellent points. It is not just an app but more of giving rewards for every interaction and provides us with the benefit of boosting our content to promote it.

Honestly, when I joined Hive, it took me a while to use my points until I read in the comment section, like “Ecency has boosted your post.” Something like this, I was wondering why a lot have been like this until I explored the boost and used it since then. I enjoyed it very much, hehe. That is why every time I post, I use my ecency points to boost. This is one of the fantastic benefits. Have a great day and take care. !PIZZA


That is why it is important to make user aware about the benefit....the point can be helpful tool to make ypu post count...but make sure it should comply with quality...else the point might backfire as well.