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RE: Web 3.0: Ushering In A 3rd Alternative

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I think that certainly Web 3.0 has enormous potentialities that range from those that we can perceive and understand at first, to those that we cannot understand right now, but that will also come as soon as Web 3.0 technology is fully established in a significative way.

The power over our own data is one of the things that seems to me to be the most important regarding Web 3.0. Because Web 3.0 will give us control of our data, and that is awesome, and, as I see it, a dream come true. I mean, the simply fact that governments, technology companies and social networks are disabled to accumulate our personal data and preferences, already seems to me a spectacular advance regarding the privacy of all people globally.

This, of course, will make the panorama very bleak for all the schemes, structures and systems anchored to the old model of Web 2.0, as centralized, inquisitive and controlling as it is.

Essentially, I completely agree with everything you say in this post. Thank you for writing about this interesting topic. Greetings.

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