Dr. Bob Beck

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Dr.Robert Beck was an amazing man. They say he had an 180 IQ.

He was another renogade of science, like Tesla or Wilheim Reich.

Big Pharma didn't like his work, the medical establishment didn't like his work. Of course they wouldn't.
Like Dr.Beck says in his lecture here, " I cured patient is a lost customer." And in his lecture he does include a
patent number. US patent # 5188738. That is interesting because I'm told if a patent doesn't do as claimed then there is no patent. Maybe that's not so, but that would make sense.

The story I got from a You Tube video was that Dr.Beck cured his own cancer, via keeping himself on his blood zapper 24/7.

It's an incredible story, did Dr.Beck in fact cure himself using his own brain child? And what of the many "cult" following that swear this underground tecknology has something to it?

Is it a man and their cult, or is there something really working here? I lean towards the latter.

It's a rather retro video, brings me back to the 90's. One interesting thing I noticed when watching the video was that the opening screen alleges this was Filmed January 16 1997. But in the video he makes reference to a medical journal that was dated 1998, I thought that was a little weird but probably some kind of error, or maybe the title screen was added by mistake to the original video? Your guess would be as good as mine there.

This guy here put out a really good video regarding Dr.Beck ---->

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