Dealing with a Cold Sore, the thing that works,how to be effective against this foe

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Years ago, I had a pending date and a cold sore. I wanted that cold sore gone so bad that I held it into a solution of hot tea for quite some time. I woke up the next morning with a lip that was about four times bigger than it should be. Turns out it was infected and what I had done was a really bad idea. It did go away after about a week with the help of some antibiotics tablets and ointment.

I never did that again. But you know what I did do? I went to the drug store and spend $20 on a stick of some stuff that was suppose to get rid of my cold sore. It didn't do much, that sucker was with me for like 7 or 8 days none the less.

Year later when I got into buying oils from the health food store, I would sniff the oils, you know because they smell nice. And one of them gave me a moment of deja vu, the oregano oil! I was like, "where have I smelled this before?! Then it came, this smells exactly like the stuff I paid $20 for a stick of at the drug store! It was oregano oil! Not a bad oil, but effective against cold sores? That certainly didn't seem to be the case.

I finally found the answer some year later on. Some time after I discovered the great You Tube Channel called Herbs Plus Bead Works. A channel put up by Tony Pantalleresco and his camera man Dave. One of the great rebel renegades. God I love rebels! We need them. Someone has to challenge the establishment from time to time, especially when the establishment is wrong!

I had to Google it to get the right spelling of his last name, and what do I find in the search?
This -->

Gotta love a rebel. Bullshit fades, balls are forever.

Oh yeah, you ready for the answer to kicking some Cold Sore ass? You sitting down? Most likely lol.
L-Lysine! The first time I trying taking L-Lysine tablets against a cold sore, that thing never got the chance to ever get itself setup.

It works because, according to the story as I have followed it, the Herpes Simplex 1 virus uses arginine to do it's thing on your face. This opportunistic little prick will wait until your arginine levels are too high aka off balance and start doing it's thing. L-Lysine cuts off it's supply line of arginine. I guess these to have some soft of an inverse relationship in the body. And I guess arginine goes up when people indulge in too many peanuts or peanut better.

But yeah, this was the video from way back, Tony explains it better than I do -->