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Carbon C60. Really interesting molecule. 60 carbon atoms arranged in the formation of a soccerball. Discovered by Buckminister Fullerene. Allegedly a very exceptional anti-oxident. Some studies done on rat's suggest this stuff could increase a person's lifespan.

I speculate it could be an effective counter measure against the likes of graphene oxide poisoning.

The great irony is, both C60 and Graphene Oxide are forms of carbon. Carbon being essential to all life, the main building block of all things organic.

Carbon dioxide included, plants need it. Dry ice is the solid form of C02, and its really cool to wateh if nothing else. Your soda stream bottles, fire exstwingushers, all C02.

Makes me wonder if they could make a silicon "Si-60" molecule since silicon is like Carbon. Some science fiction has entertained the idea of worlds existing where everything was Silicon based instead of carbon based.

Tons of interesting videos. Some are generic, others we may call endangered if You Tube decided their content isn't agenda compliant.

This video covers Carbon itself, gives allot of background info -

This video is from the same series as the first covering C60 purely as a substance, they don't even mention the idea of putting it into the human body -

This video seems fairly objective, he goes into some of the research done regarding living organisms and ingestion of C60. -


This video
I haven't watched yet but looks really good lol -

There are many videos on C60 if this peaks your interest , all over You Tube, Bitchute,others


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Maybe a Bio Tuner aka tens unit could help to cope with voice to skull.