Microscope Photography: Kitchen Edition #2

in #microscope3 years ago

Welcome back to another edition of Phe Plays With His Nifty New Toy, I mean SCIENCE!!!!!! evil cackling against a backdrop of Tesla coils, I mean Microscope Photography! ;) Let's play in the kitchen, shall we?

Maggie my lab assistant.jpg
Maggie, my lab assistant today

Yeast 2.jpg

Side note: my yeast sample is probably dusty ergo the speckled look; it's been sitting out on the altar as an offering, I didn't pull more from the jar in the fridge.

Yuan's kibble (rabbit based):
Yuan kibble 1.jpg

Maggie's kibble (fish based):
Maggie kibble.jpg

Apple skin (it's still whole inside my fridge):
Apple 1.jpg
Is the shininess wax, I wonder? Also the apple is old and going soft, I need to eat it, lol.

Sweet potato skin (also still whole):
Sweet potato skin.jpg

Cooked sticky rice:
Cooked rice.jpg

Uncooked rice:
Uncooked rice 2.jpg

Smushed up pea (from the cats' wet food; they eat around the peas like little kids):
Smushed up pea.jpg

The icky spill on the bottom of the drawer inside my fridge (LOL):
Spill in fridge drawer.jpg

Colby Jack cheese:
Colby Jack 2.jpg

And that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed today's up-close-and-personal with the noms in my kitchen. Have a great day, and thanks for reading! :)

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LOLZ the icky spill was the prettiest!!

Yeast...why u so oblong bro!???

The yeast looks very round to the naked eye.
And yeah - the spill is pretty when you zoom in on it. THAT'S why I haven't cleaned it up! For science and art. ;)

Bwa hahaaaaaa, well played,

Well played ...

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Thanks very much!

The yeast sort of looks like foamy ear plugs!

It totally does!