Microscope Photography: Kitchen Edition #1

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I couldn't help myself from doing another bunch of microscope photos today, y'all, it's so much fun. :D So in this edition, we're going to look at foodstuffs!

Crushed eggshell

Exterior intact eggshell

Interior intact eggshell

Keeping in mind that my eggshell samples were:

  • dried (they had been sitting on my counter to go into plants whenever I got around to crushing them with the mortar and pestle)
  • brown (ergo the thin layer you can see on the crushed up bits)
  • and bought in a store in America (which they wash them here and then you have to keep them in your fridge because it destroys the outer seal that allows you to keep them on the counter otherwise)

white flour wheat bread


A trio:


Bee pollen! I love these ones so much.

onion powder

Canned cat food! AAAAAH! It looks so gelatinous and gross, doesn't it? This is high end, allergy friendly rabbit meat cat food, not the cheapo stuff. So primarily this is rabbit meat. And no - I don't know if that's a cat hair or a rabbit hair or...

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaalt! @thekeyofh

whey protein powder

cocoa powder

garlic powder

cayenne pepper powder

the cloth napkin that I repeatedly had to use to clean the microscope, lol. I also love fibers under the scope!

my microscope

microscope fuds plate.jpg
the plate of samples! (before I added the eggshell. there are also a few on here that I didn't put in the post - like espresso coffee was just kinda a photo of black. We'll keep experimenting for good photos!)

Thanks for reading!

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I will never look at an egg the same way!!


Right? Ah ha ha ha!

That's pretty cool!

Thanks! :)

I love seeing how much you enjoy doing this stuff Phoenixwren. There's some great shots there. I like the fibers in the towel!

Thank you! I really am enjoying it! <3

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Thank you! :)

Ahaha here is the next part :)

How much does your microscope magnify?

It ranges from 50X - 1600X! That seemed to be the upper limit for any of the entry level price point microscopes, pedestal-with-slides type or not, so I'm glad I have a bit more free roaming ability with this one. :)

I am sure that at some point (most probably quite close in the future), you will want to go to the next level. I personally have no idea about the price range of such device (I remembered having used a few of them when I was a student, but this is now a far memory of my early life ;) ).

I'm trying to work out how to make slides for this one to see if I can get some better shots that way and am contemplating using my Happy Light (one of those full spectrum anti-SAD lamps) as the "base" and putting the microscope on top and seeing if that works. XD