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RE: Technology Is Like A Moving Train: The Story of the Fall of Nokia

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I didn't know it was such an old company. It is a shame that it did not adapt to the change, I had several Nokia phones and I can guarantee how good they were, their battery life was excellent, their camera was of great quality (in fact I think it was classified as the best available for cell phones and used a glass lens that was produced exclusively)

Now that I remember, I think that seizing a format or system and not sharing it was the same as Sony did with the Betamax and that led to the failure against the format of domestic videotapes in VHS, the latter could be used by many manufacturers and although at first it had a lower quality and a more voluminous size, because it ended up winning thanks to the large number of equipment producers and the agreements they achieved for the distribution of tapes for domestic consumption in VHS.


Thanks for your excellent perspective on this subject and for stopping by.