You are invited: The Crypto Lounge - Hosted by the Global Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and trading community

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What: The Crypto Lounge - A Crazy week in Crypto
When: Friday 21st May
Time: 8pm (GMT+1)
Where: Please RSVP on



Come along to The Crypto Lounge. A fun and casual meetup where we will be discussing all things Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Due to the volatility of the crypto market this week, we have rescheduled the discussion on Cryptocurrency safety to Monday.

At this meetup, we will be discussing the volatility within the market. Why it happened, what to do when things like this happen, and what to do next. Is the market entering a bear phase or will be moving on up. All of this is open for discussion at the meetup.

At this meetup, we will also be launching our new members-only contest and we will have cryptocurrency prizes.

We also have a fantastic announcement to make!

Finally, all attendees to the meetup will be invited to join our private telegram group.

So come along to The Crypto Lounge, don't be shy. RSVP today and join the chat. Bring a cuppa or if you prefer, then bring a beer! This will be a fun meetup and everyone is welcome. We will be hosing on Zoom and we hope to be a truly global meetup so please do spread the word. Once you RSVP the zoom link will become available, you do not need a code.

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