New organic molecule detected in the atmosphere of Titan (Saturn's largest moon)

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(pic of Titan from NASA

The particle detected by scientists in the atmosphere of Titan is called cyclopropenylidene or C3H2. It is made up of carbon and hydrogen. Cyclopropenylidene is the second cyclic molecule found on Titan (the first being arsenic), which are potentially precursors to the building blocks of life, as cyclic molecules form the backbone rings for the nucleobases of DNA

NASA is schedule to launch a probe to Titan in 2026 to further investigates this fascinating moon and the possibility of life in its subsurface ocean.


This is very exciting. Thank you for that link. Funny, I just wrote a blog about dragonflies, and I once wrote a blog about observatories in the Atacama Desert. Funny how things come together.
Not only does this discovery open up possibilities for the existence of life on Titan, but it also opens a door to some wonderful science fiction stories.
Thanks again.