Vehicles Tiny and Huge; Amazing Business strategies!

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Look at the difference in size as you imagine these two vehicles besides each other as seen in the photo. One is built for sheer power while the other is built for speed, funny thing is; the smaller one, the one that looks inconsequential makes the larger and much bigger one popular and even get more investors and share holders. Let me tell you how this seemingly impossible twist becomes possible below as I continue.

Sport cars are not just speed machines, they create awareness and popularity, and that's why you see so many sponsors printed on them which is what investors like to see. Furthermore, that sometimes drives their stock prices up and the companies will be able to fund more stronger and bigger heavy duty machines plus the tiny ones for the public relations. In addition to what I just mentioned, during car races; the sponsors are well recognized just like the car makers because sponsors pay for how a race car is built for speed. So when you win races, your brand becomes extremely popular and that's just excellent for your company or sponsors PR right? This is what I mean by my sentence in the first paragraph that the smaller one makes the bigger one popular.

So aside car races, the marketing team also gets into serious business to promote their company's new product, however everything still comes under the popularity gained through large events like the sponsored car races I sighted as an example plus the product/heavy equipment living up to expectations. Almost everyone all over the world knows caterpillar's CAT; they make heavy duty equipments for different constructions, but you might not know how they have sustained their popularity and retained investors, this is simply how that comes into play!