How can AI be introduced in farming for Remotely Uneducated Farmers?

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AI in almost every aspect of our lives isn't something relatively new anymore, but it could still be an alien thing in some part of our planet. So how do you think these new technology could be related to people not familiar with advanced technology yet?

No doubt, It is a supersmart Era we now live in and Artificial Intelligent is now a key player as stated above in the survival of Humanity. One of the uttermost importance of A.I is the solution it brings to crops and food production crisis in Agriculture in many developed and developing nations changing the decades old impact on the continents.

Any region or Countries in dire Starvation, without proper meals/nourishment would in no capacity be healthy enough to function and be creative/productive.

A very hard chore it is in all remote places mostly in developing countries of the World, where getting a good meal is the number one problem seconded by a good source of water. Even though there had been food aids to many of this regions over the years, still the problem lingers much longer than envisaged. One of the game changer was Advanced Mechanized farming, which is one of the tools to solving food securities threats in many Countries of the World, although it comes with huge prices to be paid in terms of Energy and production costs.

Further amazing innovations had surfaced, Mechanized or Robotic farming all have a new twist thanks to Artificial Intelligent. Many of this amazing technologies could be remotely monitored and controlled(Drones) which in turn produces bountiful Crop and grains.



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Another breakthrough is the Vertical Farming, a process that maximize space through a system of farming in a controlled environment- Artificial Intelligent has been used to optimize this system of farming process from cultivating to harvesting of the produce which results in less air pollution(Reduction in high emission of CO2 which constitute to Global warming). The manpower challenges of spraying herbicides, application of manures/fertilizers, pruning etc is all eradicated in this system.


Vertical Farming

Biotechnology also had helped created hybrid seeds, crops which are immune to drought and extreme weather conditions and also diseases resistance animals all could be associated to A.I. It is "in lieu" of conventional farming/Food production practices which is faced with several challenges that A.I in Agriculture came to remedy most of this problems facing 3rd World Nations.

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In concluding this after seeing how AI could revolutionize smart farming, it looks pretty easy for anyone educated enough, but thinking about the non techy aging men and women whose major job is farming using the crude techniques;you would understand that it is a major challenge to educate these folks. What do you think could be done? What approach do you think is going to be mostly effective to help and bring these people up to date in smart Agriculture?

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