Demystifying the real Apex predators

in OCD6 months ago



Lions, Tigers, Polar bears, Sharks, Orcas(killer whales), Eagle(s), Anacondas etc are all top of their food chain, that is: in their ecosystem. However, there's one being that is over the top of them all and that's you and I. Not that Humans can actually tussle with these massive and apex beasts mentioned above, in fact an average strong human or even the strongest humans can not stand a a Polar Bear head to head.

In reality, we are still learning and growing. Also, there have been dozens upon dozens of religious folly that still makes wild animals(apex killers in the jungle and the deep) more free than us. In the absence of free will and religions, nothing distinctive separates us from monsters in the wild. With so many evils that have been perpetuated perpetually, I often wonder if we really deserve to be at the summit of all living organisms.

The only one thing that gave us that edge which is rapid evolution, is being used for other sinister purposes. We got the less deserved wisdom and knowledge which gave us the epic leap and its the reason we can build the most sophisticated technology to kill at will and to create(genetic mutation, clone that which has been killed) back to where ever we want on that food chain. Have you ever wondered why so many animals have been wiped out and some on the verge of extinction? Its cos of this superiority over other animals, that makes up kill illegally at will(poachers). I often wonder if we humans do not have this evolutionary advantage, if we will still really occupy the apex position of the living organism ladder the top spot food chain!