Blue Java Bananas: Ever eaten coloured Bananas before?

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Blue Java

Look closely, do you think this is a genetically augmented fruit or it's just Natural? Well, that's what I'm researching on but I want to drop this short article really quick.

In the Era of genetics and amazing engineering feats, nothing is impossible and strange to see; that's why there is Black tomatoes,Yellow Watermelons, Black Pineapples, Red oranges, seedless Nitrous fruits(Lime, Tangerines, Oranges etc) and many more but listing a few. So this is one of those case where you wonder if what you are eating is right or maybe just a fantasy.

So, imagine eating Bananas but getting a ice cream taste when you munch them, that is exactly what the Magical Blue Java Bananas Taste Just like. In addition to a rare strange colour for a banana that most people have often and or never seen, these rare breed of Bananas is just few feet above the ground and you could literally bend over to cut them. Is this one of mother natures mysteries or a science interwoven in food and crop production called BIOTECHNOLOGY!

Aside tasting great like ice cream, they have additional health benefits alongside all the vitamins in Bananas, they also regulate heart pressure and helps in maintaining proper muscle contractions. Normal Bananas don't have that luxury, but then, its the magical Blue Java, it comes with the unthinkable!