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RE: Walking the IconSiam Super Mall with Neli.

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Hi! We just gave you a 15% upvote, thanks for creating such good content!

That being said, @ocdb is giving even higher votes to Steemians who, once they post on steem, share this post in their other social media. This is too spread awareness of the Steem ecosystem to potential users :)

Thanks for creating great content Hangin


Thank you so much @ocdb you mean like sharing on Facebook and Discord i usually do that but not sure how to post it on Twitter or other social medias ?

Hi Angelo!! @hangin There is a button to share the link above and to the right of where you upvote the post. It has a Twitter, FB and Linkedin icons.

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Of course, it goes without saying that you need to create a Twitter account. You don't tweet??

I don't believe it! i don't tweet i don't have time to shave some times you want me to tweet also omg but i will look into it my friend by the why is this for extra exposure is that the idea ??

Hope you had a great thanks giving day my friend 🙂

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Thank you @dswigle very kind of you ❤️